Pastel Survivors Speak Out

Chicana women with protests fists in the air

These are just a few of the survivors who have recently (again) spoken out about predator Arturo Pastel Mireles of Danza Cuauhtemoc and Harmony Keepers. There are many more survivors out there and we commend the courage of these women to step forward.

Milagros Statement

” I’m not sure who posted this letter about pastel, however I would like to thank you and everyone on that letter… It’s been a struggle being a victim and not having the support of our people to walk this path without being humiliated by our own people every time i enter one of our sacred circles. Im 38 now and this began when i was about 5 or 6, i was a child and have been scarred for life. I recognize some of the individuals and groups that signed this letter. Once again thank you.” 

Selina’ s Statement

” I am one of his many victims. I am 37 years old now and have lived with this nightmare most my childhood, teenage, and all my adult life. I am so happy to see that the beast can no longer hide. I can’t believe people are finally opening their eyes to see him as what he really is. So many years I have waited for this moment. This beast took thing from me I can never get back. He stole my virginity my innocence and my dreams filled with nightmares… a message to his followers: “his victims are real, we are here, and we will not be silent…”

Bertha’s Statement

“It’s time for those of you who don’t know me to hear me out. “I am also a victim of sexual abuse from “Pastel”. My sexual abuse also began at a very young age. I too have lived so long with pain, not being able to feel like a normal child or teenager or adult. Having so much anger towards everyone, The disturbing memories, non stop nightmares, untrusting people. “Yes” he has taken my most precious innocence, my virginity. It has taken a tow in my life, I definitely had to stop danza for many years. I had so much anger toward all the leaders, political organization, no trust in danza community. I finally feel that together we can accomplish to have him accountable for the damage he has caused so many of us.

Not anymore, I would like “Pastel” to know that the time has come when we have to face each other. I will let him know, I’m a survivor of his abuse. People need to know “Pastel” what you have done to me and many other young girls. We will join each other and get rid of you. For too long have you been able to run and get away with abusing and destroying young kids but you have to take responsibility and face the justice system for what you have done.”

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