Maravilla-Adelante in Solidarity Against Pastel

maravilla handball courts statement

Greetings Familia,

Many of you have known for some time now that there has been a sexual predator in our community for over 20 yrs… this folks, has been on the radar for a long time!

There has been many attempts to stop this man, to no avail. Some of you may not know whom I am speaking of, he goes by the name of PASTEL Mireles…..HUSBAND OF JUDITH, who took the leadership role for Danza Cuauhtemoc at Lincoln Park, when Pastel stepped down.

For sometime our young people have reached out to many of us, inquiring why this pig is still leading a March that is organized and protected by Harmony Keepers? I have to say we failed them! Danza Cuauhtemoc – they are not allowed on my side of the fence! (East LA)

Nevertheless our young warriors, they took action into their own hands, in a peaceful non-violent action. I do not promote violence unless violence presents itself, as no alternative.

Many do not know the truth, especially those whom recently moved into our communities. Truth continues to show itself, if it were a lie, it would have died by now. But something about truth, the spirit world will not lie dormant… sooner or later!

Therefore I will stand with these young warriors, the heavens are watching us, will there be shame or dignity. This is no time to be silent.

I SUPPORT A TRIBUNAL BY THOSE OF US WHOM KNOW THE TRUTH… Rise and speak in support of our Gente, Our young warriors…….

Amanda Perez, Adelante

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