Charlatan Pastel Mireles sentenced to 20 Years for Child Molestation

November 10th, 2021 — Long time known, elusive child predator Arturo “Pastel” Mireles was sentenced to 20 years prison time in an Los Angeles County court for 3 counts of child molestation and ongoing sexual abuse of a minor. Pastel Mireles was the leader of the largest spiritual Aztec Dance organization and network called Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc who had many chapters across the country. Pastel is also the creator of it’s subsidiary “warrior society” called the Aztlan Nation Mexica Harmony Keepers.

Pastel Mireles Sexual predator
Sexual predator Arturo Pastel Mireles

Arturo Pastel Mireles History

The Native-Indigenous community has known about Pastel Mireles’ crimes for nearly 30 years. Attempts were initially made in the early 90s to resolve the scandal when it first came to light but to no justice or resolution. Over the almost three decades sporadic attempts for justice and awareness by various brave community members were made. However, they never achieved the momentum and effectiveness necessary to bring Pastel to justice.

In 2010, upon investigating the allegation, a now-former member of Pastel’s protection group the Harmony Keepers, whistleblowed and amplified the issue back to the forefront of the Indigenous community’s awareness. Significant community awareness was accomplished but the most fruitful and successful actions for justice were not in full realization until the formation of LA DoSS (Los Angeles Defense of Safe and Sacred Spaces) in 2015.

In April 2015, LA DoSS, a coalition of Indigenous community leaders in L.A., initiated a public notice to the community that Pastel was no longer allowed in our communities. Pastel’s large network of national supporters dismissed the concerns and LA DoSS escalated the efforts with additional accountability measures. These accountability episodes by LA Doss would proceed up until October 2019 when Pastel was arrested and now in November 2021 where he was finally convicted for 3 counts of child molestation and ongoing sexual abuse.

Respect to the Survivors and Community Warriors

Much respect goes out to all the brave survivors that have come forth to facilitate justice as well as to all the community warriors past and present who have helped the Native community achieve justice and a safer social environment. Over the many years, the survivors and community warriors endured a barrage of threats, gaslighting, and intimidation at the hands of Pastel’s Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc and Harmony Keepers organizations, as well the many Indigenous teachers under his hierarchy and hundreds of his spiritual cult followers.

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