Calpulli Teoxicalli in Solidarity against Pastel

April 22, 2015

In Nochtin Nican Tlacah:

Calpolli Teoxicalli of Tlamanalco, Anahuac (Tucson, AZ) expresses appreciation and awe of the strength and empowerment of our Nican Tlacah communities, especially the victims of Arturo “Pastel” Mireles. Despite the differences we have in lineages and traditions, the safety of our women and children is primary and cause for our unification.

In 2010, we were put in a position where Pastel’s history and presence became an issue in our community. We proceeded to investigate and gather information which included two letters by La Congregación de las Danzas Aztecas en Aztlan (EEUU) dated 2003. One was addressed to Pastel’s followers and the other to the families of Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, AZ. We also received confirmation by a victim via phone who graciously shared with us Pastel’s gross violations against her. Our efforts to engage contact with Pastel did not materialize, while those we approached for support in this matter cowered by the lack of police records.

We have the right to take ownership over our own capabilities to deem someone a danger to our communities. As a Calpolli, this is what we chose to do in 2010, with the support of Calpolli Nahuacalli in Izkalotlan, Anahuac (Phoenix, AZ). We issued a letter regarding our refusal to participate in any community events or ceremonies hosted by any Danza Grupos, organizations, administrations, or individuals who supported or enabled Pastel.

It has always weighed heavily on our conscious that our position did nothing to protect potential victims in other spaces. We knew there needed to be a network of communities who are vigilant, aware, proactive, and not afraid to act or speak on behalf of our self-determination. We are continued advocates for accountability, transparency, zero tolerance for sexual violence, healing, and our inherent right to protect our communities.

Calpolli Teoxicalli is humbled to witness the evidence that our communities continue to thrive in our self-determination through tribal accountability and to be part of our people’s efforts to create and protect safe environments for our women and children.

Tlazohcamati huel miac,

Calpolli Teoxicalli
[email protected]

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