Abuse Survivors Share Knowledge and Empowerment on Free Aztlan Radio

Some of the survivors of convicted child molestor Arturo Pastel Mireles share knowledge and empowerment regarding abuse in the Indigenous and Mexica-Aztec dance communities.

From Free Aztlan Radio:


” Tune in this Tuesday to Radio Free Aztlan if ur in Oakland on 96.1FM.or if ur outside of Oakland listen live online at 8pm @poormagaz I’ll b interviewing the Danzante Guerreras: Selina Ramirez and Estella Lozoya survivors of a sexual Predator in the Calpulli (Aztec Dancer) circle. As well as the Guerreros: Miguel Quimipichilli Bravo and Joel Garcia.

All of these Guerrer@s have stood up and spoke up against sexual predators in the Danza community- a taboo subject until NOW! No longer will the gente b silent in the midst of the patriarchy and machismo that engulfs so many Callpulli’s(Aztec Dancer groups)

The Guerreras will tell their story of abuse as children and we will learn HOW these predators groom our youth and women in the Danza community. Well hear of ways they fought back and hear about predators that operate from San Jose to Los Angeles. Wherever there are predators in Danza or those who cover up for them there will b guerrer@s who will stand up against them…

Anyone who does Danza, likes Danza or knows someone in Danza should listen to this show and PROTECT the sacred.protect your loved ones.OMETEOTL✊🏾🐚🦅🐊🌞🔥🐚👣

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